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Why pay for powder coating your metal items when you can use high performance direct to metal coatings?

You Don't Know What You Don’t Know

On a custom property there are many different substrates that need to be maintained, and the metal items on these properties are no different. Metal items are generally powder coated, which is pricey and overkill when compared to high performance coatings that net similar, if not better, results.

Vetting and Testing for Performance and Finish

In many cases, high performance coatings for metal surfaces have a better finish than powder coatings and are formulated for extreme adhesion and protection from the elements. To ensure adequate performance, it is necessary to select products appropriate for the market and climate so that you achieve the desired performance outcome.

It’s an Aesthetic WOW Factor

Direct to metal coatings on the metal items that make up a custom property are a major aesthetic upgrade that often go overlooked until after the coatings are applied. Freshly coated metal items can create a wow factor once coated.

Going Above and Beyond

In addition to a high performance top coat, LIME extensively preps the metal surfaces for maximum adhesion. This preparation can range from grinding rust to applying additional primer coats of adhesion primers and rust prohibitors. LIME’s Advisors are incredible assets for custom property owners in assessing needs and providing recommendations regarding the scope of work that is both needed and solution-based.

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